Shipping Auto Requirements

Please do not pack personal items in your vehicle prior to shipping. Federal and State Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations prohibit this.

Should you pack personal belongings in your vehicle, you waive responsibility for damage caused to personal belongings; as neither Preferred Auto Carriers nor our insurers will be responsible for personal items.

Fuel requirements- Please be sure to leave a quarter of a tank of fuel. This will allow for loading, unloading and delivery. More than that could jeopardize the acceptable weight limits on our truck according to State and Federal regulations.

Ensure your car is serviced with adequate fuel and fluids in drivable condition.

Vehicles that cannot be driven; require additional time and resources to load and unload. Additional charges may be assessed.

Ensure that you have spare keys when we pick up and deliver your vehicle.

Ensure that you receive a copy of the Bill of Lading and your completed Condition Report along with your Picture ID when claiming your vehicle.

See also Claims, Auto Damaged or Missing